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Special feature: CRE

 Special feature

Do you know carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae bacteria?


Carbapenem is a kind of antibiotics, which are widely used for many kinds of bacterial infection. It is called as an “antibiotics of last resort “because it is effective for multidrug-resistant bacteria.

On the other hand, due to its versatility, excessive use is thought to be the cause of the spread of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae bacteria (CRE). As only a few antibiotics against CRE infection are available, it is important to confirm the presence of CRE at an early stage in order to prevent the spread of CRE.


In order to confirm the presence of CRE, genetic testing is necessary because just identifying bacterial species is not effective since various kinds of bacteria acquire resistance. Therefore, detection of genes which involve in the production of carbapenemase, which is an enzyme that degrades carbapenem is needed.  

However, genetic testing cannot be conducted easily.


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                       Image photo


In this situation, a professor from Osaka University, Japan, developed an epoch-making genetic testing method to easily inspect carbapenem-resistant bacteria on site. This method can detect major type of carbapenemase genes. The carbapenemase genes from samples such as patient's stool are amplified by PCR, and then the result can be visually recognized by the genetic testing strip C-PAS. If a blue line appears on C-PAS, it tells existence of bacteria which is tolerant to carbapenem, unfortunately.

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                                      Detection process at the professor’s laboratory


In this method, inspection results can be obtained in about 2 hours from sample collection. As an example of actual experimental results, compared with electrophoresis, Sensitivity was 93.3%, Specificity was 99.1%.It means the carbapenemase gene could be detected with high accuracy.

The professor says, “with this method, it is possible to carry out inspection with high accuracy easily even in places where expensive equipment and facilities are not installed and prevention method against the spread of CRE might be greatly advanced.” 


カルバペネム 写真3

                       Genetic testing strip “C-PAS”


TBA is pleased to be involved in a major advance in realization of onsite inspection.

Scientific paper: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, June 2017, Vol61, Issue6, e00067-17




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Wanted: Business partner!

 Special feature

Wanted: Business partner!
Company that can manufacture and sell diagnosis kit


We sell genetic testing strip C-PAS which can easily detect the target gene. It is also used as a diagnostic tool for infectious diseases.
Since we are a company supplying this C-PAS as a raw material of the kit, we are looking for kit manufacturers to process into final products and sell them to final users.


Requirements as kit manufacturers are:
1) Manufacturing facility for diagnostic kit
  (Development of final kit, enough for dispensing of liquid reagent,)
2) Sales to customers such as hospitals under your own brand name
3) Acquisition of Pharmaceutical approval (if needed)

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Please cooperate with us if you are a company that can do business like this.

We are confident in the technology and quality of the STH-PAS method. The advantage of this method is that 1) convenience that no expensive equipment is necessary and can be used by anyone, 2) high sensitivity thanks to hybrid between tags, 3) Multiplex that can detect up to 12 different genes at once.


Take advantage of this strength and do the work of delivering the testing kit to those who need a quicker and more accurate diagnosis.


The technology called nucleic acid chromatography is still rare in the world.
Why was there no nucleic acid chromatography so far? Because genetic testing is thought to be done in well-equipped places, it was not necessary to make it easy.

However, imagining where infectious diseases are prevalent, a quick test result is needed. And diagnosis of infectious diseases has to be possible even in places without well facilities and few experts. Such demand is quite high.


Currently, a certain diagnostic drug manufacturer in China become a business partner and is preparing for sale of kit for such as sexually transmitted disease, M. tuberculosis and respiratory infectious disease. Although there are few partners so far, it means it is a good opportunity to expand nucleic acid chromatography on the market.


If you are interested in or have any question, please contact us through our homepage.


TBA co,.ltd.

Introduction of technology

 Special feature

SNPs can be detected with C-PAS.

C-PAS is a genetic testing strip used in STH method (Single-stranded Tag Hybridization). C-PAS can also detect SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism) easily. SNPs are very important in health and medical fields. By detecting SNPs, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and susceptibility of medicine etc. can be revealed.


Usually, DNA arrays and next-generation sequencers are used to detect SNPs, but we hear disadvantages such as high cost and complicated usage. On the other hand, detection with C-PAS is low cost, no need expensive equipment and easy-to-use.


The operation protocol is simple: Just add tagged probes to PCR reagent including ordinal primers. After PCR, add coloring agent and insert C-PAS, and then blue lines appear on C-PAS, so the result is visually judged.




This method is called “probe-STH method”. Such a wonderful examination is possible by the principle as follows.


We are looking for companies to do business together using this method. Our ideal business scheme is:
TBA supplies materials in bulk form to the kit manufacturer. The kit manufacturer manufactures final kit and sells.

Spply Chain _170602

Or, if you are working at a hospital or testing center and are looking for new test methods, please try our C-PAS.

I hope the probe-STH method will be useful to the world.


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