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What is C-PAS as your core product?

C-PAS is an easy-to-use detection tool of genetic testing.
In conventional genetic testing, you can detect amplicons with Electrophoresis after PCR amplification of target DNA. C-PAS is alternative for Electrophoresis. You can easily and visually detect PCR amplicons by using C-PAS without special equipment.


What tools are needed to perform genetic testing with C-PAS?

The only equipment you need is a standard PCR machine (Thermal cycler) and pipetter. (STH reagent and coloring
reagent are necessary.)

Recommended storage condition and shelf life?

Shelf life is one year in cool (4 °C) and dark condition.

Can we have advice as we would like to develop detection protocol for some target gene?

Yes, of course. TBA have helped to develop various detection protocols so far and those experiences can be useful for your project. However, please understand TBA is not in a position to provide confidential information and know-how covered by secrecy agreement of other joint research projects.

Support for your R&D

As the STH seems patented technology, do we have to pay patent royalty if we produce and sell testing kits using C-PAS?

As the royalty is included in price of C-PAS, you don’t need to pay the royalty. However, royalty has to be paid if the testing kit is using other product instead of C-PAS manufactured by TBA.

If we request TBA to develop our genetic testing kit, how long does it take? And how much does it cost?

Please contact us for the details.

We are considering using C-PAS. Can we have technical training from TBA?

Sure! Basically TBA ask you to come to TBA’s location to have training program, as TBA’S staff and budget are limited.

Does TBA have a plan to produce testing kits in the future?

As TBA is a company supplying C-PAS to kit manufacturer, TBA won’t produce the final testing kit.

How long is lead time of C-PAS?

Delivery will be made approximately 1 week after receiving order.

How can we buy C-PAS?

Please contact TBA through “Contact”.

How C-PAS is colored?

When PCR amplicons and developer reagent are mixed, blue latex beads bind to PCR amplicons. Those amplicons with blue beads and reagent are developed on the C-PAS (membrane printed in alignment with complementary tag DNA) and are trapped on a certain line because of hybridization between tag and complementary tag. The amplicons with blue beads are continuously trapped and accumulated, that line becomes visible blue color.


What is raw material of C-PAS?

Basic material is a nitrocellulose membrane, same as used for immunochromatography.

I would like to use C-PAS. Do I have to design primer by myself?

Although primer should be designed by customers basically, TBA can advise about suitability of the designed primer sequence based on TBA’s validation in silico.

Currently we are using Electrophoresis. What are advantages of using C-PAS?

C-PAS is a very easy-to-use. It is enough to insert C-PAS into mixture of PCR amplicons, and leave it at rest. C-PAS doesn’t require several steps such as making gel, putting amplicons on gel, coloring them and taking photo and analyzing. In addition, detection sensitivity will be improved about 10 times higher than Electrophoresis.

How much is minimum order quantity?

100 test is minimum order quantity both for C-PAS and related reagents.

How can we order for OEM printing of TBA?

Please contact TBA through “Contact”. TBA will be pleased to work for it.