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Application of the STH-PAS technology

The STH-PAS method is an improved genetic testing method which is called nucleic acid chromatography or lateral flow assay. It is a genetic testing method for various “on-site” including medical onsite to detect target DNA easily without special training and analyzer.

Theoretically any testing protocol can be developed for any target gene in a variety of animals and plants such as virus, microorganisms, parasites and meat. The following is the examples of application of C-PAS, but not limited to it.

Research field
(medical, agriculture, biology)
Genome research
-marker screening etc.

Diagnosis for disease risk
-lifestyle related diseases etc.
Genome breeding
-making superior species
Food testing field Infectious microorganisms and virus detecting test
-food poisoning microorganisms and virus

Identification of brand
-Meat and agricultural products

Food control -factory product hygiene control
-quality control
-GMO testing
Medical field Diagnosis for infectious disease (Pathogen identification, Drug resistance, Sub-type classification)
-Tuberculosis, Malaria, Dengue virus, Diarrhea-causing microorganism and virus, Zika virus
-HPV, HIV, Hepatitis V, Bird flu V etc. Viral disease
-Food poisoning, sexually transmitted disease, Sepsis, Oral infection, Respiratory infection

Companion Diagnostics
-Various anti-cancer drug sensitivity, Antirheumatic drug sensitivity etc.
-Detection of drug metabolizing gene

Those are the examples of business cases using our technology.

Examples of commercialization
(containing under development)
Dengue virus detection Kit
Dengue virus subtypes detection Kit
ZIKA virus detection Kit
Dengue/ZIKA/Chikungunya Multiplex Kit
TB-MAC detection Kit
STD pathogen detection Kit
Respiratory Infectious Disease Set 1 (pneumonia) Kit
Shrimp pathogen detection Kit
Animal species identification(food) Kit
Food poisoning microorganisms detection Kit