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Development of genetic testing kit

There are following two options for your company to develop genetic testing kit utilizing C-PAS.

1. Development of testing kit on your company’s initiative

Firstly TBA will introduce the STH method and C-PAS handling instruction, and then your company will buy our products to make testing kit. Developing steps are following.

1. TBA will explain the STH method and C-PAS.

2. Your company will design PCR primers and place order for them to TBA (Order including C-PAS).

3. Your company will develop a testing protocol.

4. Development of genetic testing kit is completed.

As having past much experience, TBA will be able to provide our knowledge and know-how information to your primer design and protocol development.

2. Development of testing kit by outsourcing R&D to TBA

If you would like sooner commercialization of testing kit, or in case of shortage of researcher manpower, you may outsource R&D to TBA.
Developing steps are following.

1. Your company will provide target testing item.

2. TBA will offer a cost estimation for the outsourced R&D.

3. TBA will develop testing protocol for target gene.

4. The completed testing protocol will be provided as the result of the outsourced R&D.

The cost and the duration depend on type and number of target gene (usually multiple testing) and so on. Most likely it takes 3 months and it costs approximately 3 million Yen.

TBA will cooperate as much as possible to develop testing kit using C-PAS for both options –either by your initiative for development or by outsourcing development to TBA. If necessary, TBA will contract NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
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