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Introduction of technology

 Special feature

SNPs can be detected with C-PAS.

C-PAS is a genetic testing strip used in STH method (Single-stranded Tag Hybridization). C-PAS can also detect SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism) easily. SNPs are very important in health and medical fields. By detecting SNPs, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and susceptibility of medicine etc. can be revealed.


Usually, DNA arrays and next-generation sequencers are used to detect SNPs, but we hear disadvantages such as high cost and complicated usage. On the other hand, detection with C-PAS is low cost, no need expensive equipment and easy-to-use.


The operation protocol is simple: Just add tagged probes to PCR reagent including ordinal primers. After PCR, add coloring agent and insert C-PAS, and then blue lines appear on C-PAS, so the result is visually judged.




This method is called “probe-STH method”. Such a wonderful examination is possible by the principle as follows.


We are looking for companies to do business together using this method. Our ideal business scheme is:
TBA supplies materials in bulk form to the kit manufacturer. The kit manufacturer manufactures final kit and sells.

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Or, if you are working at a hospital or testing center and are looking for new test methods, please try our C-PAS.

I hope the probe-STH method will be useful to the world.


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Introduction of kit using C-PAS !!

 Special feature

In this section,we would like to introduce our business situation, technology and products.


Infectious diseases among Shrimp farm in Southeast Asia

Detect at an early stage and prevent damage



In shrimp farms, a large number of shrimps are cultivated. If one is infected, it spreads to the all shrimps in the same pond and the damage to shrimp farms is enormous. In order to deal with this problem, it is necessary to check regularly but examination takes time and labor. In addition, until results are obtained farmer cannot be relieved during that time.


However, from now on, farmers will be able to know the results sooner. A simple inspection kit using C-PAS will be introduced.


This project began with a Japanese merchant who is familiar with shrimp farm issues. He was looking for a way to solve this problem and met C-PAS.
C-PAS is a strip - like test paper that can easily check amplified genes by visual inspection, and anyone can easily use it without special knowledge.
Currently, detection was conducted by examiners with specialized skills and with a dedicated machine, but from now on, thanks to C-PAS, result can be known easily and more quickly.




A seminar was held so that inspectors who actually use this test kit can understand how to use. An R & D staff from TBA joined the seminar as a lecturer.

We received the opinion from the people who took seminar such as
- Easy to use
- It is easy to judge because of a blue line appearance
- It is a small test paper but amazing




At this inspection center, a lot of inspections have to be done every day. Furthermore, currently, PCR and electrophoresis were carried out for each target pathogen for each specimen. When using C-PAS, multiple pathogens can be detected with one C-PAS at the same time. It means that C-PAS method can save a lot of time and effort.


Through the supply of C-PAS, TBA wants to be helpful at where there is a need. As in this case, C-PAS is perfect for the case such as, many specimens, high sensitive inspection and simple tests.

We are proud that we have contributed to making our client’s business safer and more efficient.



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We have joined BIO tech 2017 !!

 Press announcement, Topics

TBA has exhibited our products at BIO tech 2017 at Tokyo Big sight on Jun 28-30,2017.

It was a good opportunity for us to meet many customers and introduced our product.

Thank you very much for people who visited our booth.